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The inspiration for STEM is the "Design for the Other 90% Movement,” which consists of engineers, designers, scientists, technologists, architects, and mathematicians engaged in designing low-cost innovative solutions for large portion of the world’s population who do not have access to basic services and products.

Educating Young STEM Thinkers: A university course focusing on the intersection of STEM, design thinking, and middle school mentorship 

Professional Community Building: STEM hosts design thinking professional development and outreach workshops for K-12 educators with a focus on building 21st century thinking skills

Camps, Afterschool, Summer: Middle school students learn about STEM careers and design thinking in out-of-school sessions

Research: STEM research team investigates the intersection of design thinking, STEM learning, STEM careers and mentorship STEM is

an education and research project that combines STEM with design thinking practices and mindsets to empower educators and introduce students to new learning and career opportunities

a project of

Red Lab

Design Thinking for Every Classroom is a guide for teachers to learn about and employ design thinking in the classroom. It helps you understand how you can bring equitable, empathetic, and creative practices into your teaching. It walks you through the steps needed to start using design thinking. The book includes first-hand experiences with design thinking, sample activities and lessons, and activities for getting started. 

Shelley Goldman and Molly B. Zielezinski

Design Thinking for Every Classroom: A practical guide for educators

Video: About STEM Learning

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Video: Design Time

See what design thinking in K-12 can do