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Curriculum Units Curriculum STEM has produced a series of curriculum units that explore STEM through the lens of design thinking and a series of pressing global issues, including as water, energy, and shelter. Each unit includes design challenges that encourage students to be active problem solvers in a global and local context. Explore

Educator-Designed Curriculum

We have also held curriculum workshops with a number of California and Utah educators, who were asked to develop curriculum and activities across the subject areas that use design thinking as a lens and touch on STEM themes. Get inspired, and see how you can incorporate design thinking in your own classroom. Explore

Video: Design Time

Design Time: Learning That Is Transformative is a short documentary film that follows a group of students from Salt Lake City's West Side as they learn about design thinking. The film demonstrates the power of learning through design thinking, as the students take on the challenge of designing a community center for returning military veterans. Watch Now


STEM Bios are first-person, video- and text-based accounts of university students' pathways to and through the STEM domains. They offer younger students authentic models for imagining their own future academic and career paths. Inspiring and honest, they also highlight the real challenges and obstacles many students face in pursuing STEM subjects. Explore